DIRECTOR'S CUT - Clemence Bartram

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DIRECTOR'S CUT - Clemence Bartram

Can you tell us about your experience working on projects like 'The Exponential Era' and 'Where do you Stand'?

Honestly, the two Bloomberg Media Studios' (Nokia's - Exponential Era and McKinsey & Co. - Where Do You Stand?) projects shot on the Volume were a dream for me - combining two types of filming I am very experienced with - shooting interviews, and using big screen / mega visual backdrops.

McKinsey & Co. - Where Do You Stand? - CUBE Studio

On both projects, Bloomberg had a really clear overarching vision but gave us loads of latitude to put it together and fill in the details. Nokia was fantastic as we included a BTS aesthetic into the film which I always enjoy adding into the mix. On McKinsey & Co we used a more integrated feel by adding production design elements on the stage as well as a 3D asset of the woods on the Volume. Across the two projects, we had fantastic crew and my favourite camera package (Alexa Mini LF and Canon K35s) - what more can you ask for?

DIRECTOR'S CUT - Clemence Bartram
DIRECTOR'S CUT - Clemence Bartram

What inspired you to pursue a career in directing?

Oddly enough, when I was young and starry eyed I was much more into books than films. My entry into professional filmmaking didn't start until I was 24 and I was pretty clueless at that stage!

Directing is an evolving passion and the culmination of my fifteen year journey so far in the world of filmmaking. I've worked as a camera op, editor, producer, and producer/director - dipping my toes in all parts of the process.

This varied experience is useful to me as I have an understanding of different departments (while not to their level of technical expertise) and this base knowledge allows me to be empathetic to the requirements and needs of the team.

“Clem's approach has been a game-changer for our projects and we’re thrilled to have her bring such creative ingenuity to our collaborations..”
Roy Kimani, CUBE Studio
Nokia, The Exponential Era BTS - CUBE Studio

What do you enjoy most about working at Cube Studio?

The technology and potential of VP is so exciting - but the best thing for me at Cube Studio is their ambition. Not every production company puts the creative at the top of their priorities but at Cube there is a real desire to make great films and do new things. And they are also just nice, reasonable humans who are open to ideas, want to push creativity and make things happen.

DIRECTOR'S CUT - Clemence Bartram
DIRECTOR'S CUT - Clemence Bartram

What advice would you give to aspiring directors?

GO FOR IT! - such a fabulous job and I feel so lucky to do this. But I have three pieces of advice if you are finding things tough:

    You will learn by doing and getting things finished: progress over perfection. See jobs as a training ground and accept you won't be perfect. Just do your best - make sure you are well prepped before stepping on set and you will be fine.

    There IS a lot of pressure as a director, particularly on set as the clock is always ticking. And as budgets get tighter, the amount you are expected to achieve goes UP and the time you have to do it in goes DOWN. It can feel like a lot of responsibility - but don't let it overwhelm you, try and turn that energy into a motivating force. And in fact I have found some of the most challenging shoots are the ones I am proudest of!

    Directing can feel quite performative, as if there are a lot of eyes on you, and it's kind of exhausting. One piece of great advice I got before a big shoot was to see yourself as an enabler - how can you help other people on set do well, take the perspective off yourself and think about the bigger picture.
McKinsey & Co. - Where Do You Stand? - CUBE Studio