TUMI's mobile LED volume build with Son Heung

6 min read 07.12.2023 Projects

Introducing the Essentially Beautiful Campaign

In the dynamic landscape of luxury travel and lifestyle, TUMI stands as a beacon of sophistication and innovation. When tasked with showcasing their 19 Degree Aluminum Collection in a groundbreaking campaign, Radical Media sought a creative partner capable of translating their vision into an immersive digital experience.

“Virtual Production can be simplified to allow for the execution of an idea. If it's on screen, it can be filmed. This was our approach to the build..”
Roy Kimani, CUBE Studio
TUMI's Mobile Volume Build - Ceiling
TUMI's Mobile Volume Build - Ceiling

The Genesis of the Mobile Volume Build

To achieve TUMI's ambitious goals, CUBE Studio was commissioned by Radical Media to execute the centrepiece of this project, which was the creation of a Mobile LED Volume – a portable virtual production set that would serve as the canvas for TUMI's narrative.

Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity

Inspired by Iconic Influences

One of the campaign's defining features was the seamless integration of Son Heung, with his environment. This immersive requirement, was a central element of the creative concept.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic music video by Jamiroquai, "Virtual Insanity", the concept of a 'cubed moving room' emerged as the focal point of the campaign.

The brainchild of directors Mia Barnes and Dave Meyers, their mission was clear:

" encapsulate the essence of the 19 Degree Aluminum Collection through a delicate balance of abstract and real-life footage meticulously curated to blur the lines between physical and digital environments."

The solution - a 'Mobile Cubed LED Volume'!

TUMI's Mobile Volume Build - Content
TUMI's Mobile Volume Build - Content

Creative Vision and Collaboration

The decision to employ an LED cube was strategic and deliberate, driven by the versatility and adaptability it brings in a virtual production context and would allow for the demands of the brief.

Unlike traditional set designs, the LED cube offered unparalleled flexibility, allowing for real-time rendering of abstract virtual environments and seamless integration of digital and physical production elements to allow for full immersion.

Collaborating closely with the directors and the team at Radical Media, we wanted to ensure:

  • The LED cube's design and functionality were in line with the requirement to execute creative
  • Meticulous planning to optimise the display of the content on the cubed volume to create a 'seamless' immersive illusion
  • The utilising Disguise in order to add advanced lighting effects within the content to give the DOP flexibility

A DOPs Tool

Having unparalleled lighting flexibility is a crucial element for a Director of Photography in any production. With the CUBE Studio team having production experience meant these considerations were made.

Disguise's virtual production platform and workflow was deployed and provided unparalleled lighting options for the cubed volume, a crucial element for the DOP on the project for Jack Exton.

He requested a "circled" spotlight within the content on the ceiling piece of the cube to enhance lighting dynamics and create visual depth.

TUMI's Mobile Volume Build - Lighting Circles
TUMI's Mobile Volume Build - Lighting
TUMI's Mobile Volume Build - Content
TUMI's Mobile Volume Build - Content

Reflecting on Success

In essence, TUMI's collaboration with Radical Media and CUBE Studio epitomised the fusion of artistry and technology. Through the seamless integration of virtual production, directorial vision, and lighting design, the campaign successfully brought the 19 Degree Aluminum Collection to life in a manner that was both captivating and immersive.

The result was a groundbreaking campaign that defied convention and set new standards for virtual production in advertising.