Your Imagination,
Our Stage.

Discover CUBE Studio.

CUBE Studio is a 6,500 sq. ft. full-service virtual production studio, integrating virtual production technology to deliver visual excellence and inspire new ideas.

We provide the perfect stage for marketers, storytellers, product owners and producers to immerse themselves in controllable environments and create their vision.

Ideal for everything from virtual production tests to shooting commercials, campaigns, live broadcasts and much more, our cutting-edge technology gives you capabilities you never thought possible.

Custom Unreal Environment Builds.
In-camera VFX.
Turnkey LED volumes.
Motion Capture.
Live streaming.
Immersive events.


LED Volume:
10.5x5.5m Unilumin Upad IV LED panels
2.6 mm pixel pitch

Control system:
Brompton SX40 and XD Distribution

Camera tracking:
Mo-Sys StarTracker

Puget Systems

Sohonet 10G high-speed internet access



We understand the pressures and demands that often come with production.
That's why CUBE Studio has been designed with your experience at the forefront.

• 6.5x5m drive-in vehicle access to the stage, with unloading bay
• Viewing platform with views of the LED stage
• Boardroom, production office, kitchen and refreshment facilities
• Spacious greenroom and breakout lounges
• Dressing room and hair and make-up suites
• On-site parking
• Fresh air ventilation system
• Dedicated kit and build area

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