Production Services

From talented crews to equipment rental, art direction to logistics, we've got everything you need to bring your creative vision to life.
Production Services

At CUBE Studio we can support your projects and campaigns from start to finish. Whether you need production support, virtual art department, crews, equipment or logistics we've got you covered with years of virtual production experience and partnerships.

Virtual art department
Production crew


From custom 3D environments and video plates to AI-generated scenes, our Virtual Art Department (VAD) blends artistry with technology to help filmmakers achieve their vision, without compromise.

Supported by visual effects-trained artists and skilled technicians, we collaborate with you to create immersive environments and sets that bring your production to life.


Our talented and experienced crews can support your creative ideas facilitating a seamless transition into virtual production. Tailored to meet the specific needs of your projects, we offer crews equipped with extensive experience in virtual production.

Our production managers have helped deliver projects from small crews through to fully blown commercials with no project being too big or too small. We ensure meticulous organisation and management of crew in line with your project's unique requirements.

Art department

Where virtual sets meet physical ones art department is a crucial part of any successful production. Should your project demand art department expertise, whether for set construction or prop acquisition, our team of art directors stands ready to assist throughout the entire process. From crafting plinths and spaceships to printing artwork and sourcing statues and trees, we possess the skills to bring your physical set to life.


Equipment hire

Are you in need of camera gear, lighting equipment, lenses, or grip accessories? We offer equipment rental services in conjunction with studio bookings through our in-house inventory and trusted rental partners ensuring you have the right kit for the job.


Let us handle the logistics of your travel arrangements, including flights, chauffeurs, catering, and accommodation, allowing you to focus on your project without distractions.

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